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Parenting tips

Below are a number of articles which offer advice in practical parenting skills and techniques which will increase your familyʼs satisfaction and positivity.

Sleep & bed times 18 March

Sleep & bed times Sleep is a very important factor in the well-being of everyone. It is especially important for growing and developing children. Sleep gives the opportunity for physical rest and also, according to recent research, time in which the brain consolidates or reinforces what the child has learned or observed during the day. Lack... read more

Online vs. Offline 11 February

Online vs. Offline Technology plays a huge part in education, recreation, and social connection for teenagers. There will be so much you want to warn them about, but remember to boil it down to a few simple messages to avoid a complete overload. "You're the same person online as you are offline" is a really important... read more

Respond, don't react 16 January

Respond, don't react The New Year is a great time to make small changes that make big differences to the atmosphere in your family. We invest a lot of effort in teaching our children to stop and think before they act, but don't always model the skill very well! If you make a habit of... read more

Growing and Changing 17 September

Growing and Changing The adolescent brain is undergoing major reconstruction. The most obvious changes affect the body, but what we can't see as clearly are the changes in the way young people think and process information. They will have a new outlook, which usually includes a fiercely defended need for independence and self-determination. Their attempts to create... read more

More Asking, Less Assuming 07 August

More asking, less assuming If you want better conversations with your child, then resolve to do one simple thing – ask more questions. The comments that pop out of their mouths can create a flood of thoughts and feelings for parents, even more so if you’re reminded of something you experienced as a child. To... read more

Let the Choices Do the Work 06 June

Let the choices do the work Nagging, pleading, and reminding a child very rarely gets results. Let simple choices do the work for you. Don’t get frustrated; just get a plan. If it’s battles over bringing out the lunchbox and notices after school, then make sure afternoon tea is only served to those who have... read more

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